Dear fellow Californians:

You don’t get to vote!

As the state heads towards Election Day in November, let’s not forget that the California Supreme Court took the unprecedented (and arguably unconstitutional!) step of denying you and millions of Californians their legally qualified opportunity to vote on Proposition 9 — the ballot measure that let voters express their support to modify California into three demonstrably more responsive and successful states, known to most as “Cal 3.” Insiders didn’t like it, so you don’t get to vote!

The vote on Prop. 9 — formally certified by the Secretary of State after hundreds of thousands of you citizens lawfully signed on to support its qualified placement on the ballot — would have let Californians weigh in on their dissatisfaction with the status quo. This vote would have been an opportunity for Californians to take the first step in a series of Constitutionally-guaranteed and safe-guarded checks and balances in the process of making changes to the state structure. The unprecedented ruling from the California Supreme Court denied California voters that opportunity.

The California Supreme Court would benefit from hearing from you, expressing your opinion to each justice that they erred in pre-emptively denying each citizen’s democratic right to vote on the ballot this November. We believe that their denial was undemocratic, un-American, and un-Californian.

Their address is: Supreme Court of California 350 McAllister Street San Francisco, CA 94102-4797. Their phone number is (415) 865-7000. Here are the names of the justices:

Tani Cantil-Sakauye, Chief Justice

Ming Chin, Associate Justice

Carol Corrigan, Associate Justice

Goodwin Liu, Associate Justice

Mariano-Florentino Cuellar, Associate Justice

Leondra Kruger, Associate Justice

Three of these justices were appointed by Democrats and three by Republicans, so this isn’t a partisan issue,— this is an issue of the people not being able to vote against a failing status quo and that failing status quo won’t let us vote!

I hope you are as outraged as I am that the California insiders didn’t let us vote. We hope to keep the conversation going by operating our own polls.  This fall, we plan to do a SurveyMonkey (or equivalent) vote for Proposition 9. Look for it in your email somewhere near Election Day. Please send us emails of anyone who you know who did not get this letter. Unlike the California political insiders, we want everyone to be able to have a say on this.

Prop. 9 was a chance to create a free-flowing conversation about changing the status quo and building a better future for all Californians. I hope you will join me in making sure Californians continue to be able to vote, even if that vote makes the insiders uncomfortable.  Thank you for your continued support.


Tim Draper

P.S. Here is a link to an article that lays out the history of efforts to make California more efficient and effective by a freedom-minded periodical.



Vote YES Prop 9. Californians deserve more from their state.


Cal 3 - stat - 1,388 bridges are structurally deficient

Out of 50 states, California ranks:


in K-12 education

Cal 3 - stat - 1,388 bridges are structurally deficient

Out of 50 states, California ranks:


in low tax burden

Cal 3 - stat - 1,388 bridges are structurally deficient

Out of 50 states, California ranks:


in cost of living

Californians deserve a more effective education system that isn’t failing our families, more reliable infrastructure that isn’t fracturing our communities, and more sensible taxes that aren’t stifling our opportunities.

That is the fresh start Cal 3 will deliver.

This fall on Election Day, voters will get the chance to say that the status quo of ineffective, inefficient, and insular state government is taking Californians in the wrong direction.

This November, voters will get the opportunity to fill out their ballot to support the creation of three new states that will lead to better decision-making and more meaningful solutions closer to home.

Cal 3 is every Californian’s opportunity to let Sacramento know that we expect — and will get — more from our state.

Sign up for more information, follow @VoteCal3 on social media, and look through this site for more details on what Cal 3 stands for, how it will improve the lives of all Californians, and what your vote can mean this fall.

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