What is Cal 3?

Cal 3 empowers Californians to direct the state legislature and U.S. Congress to create three new states, which will lead to better decision making and real solutions closer to home — like a dramatically more effective education system, more sensible taxes and more reliable roads.

Meaningful improvement has proven impossible through the Sacramento system of top-down control. This isn’t about politics — this is about sustainable solutions to intractable issues that impact Californians every day — like our local schools, infrastructure and government responsiveness.

How will Cal 3 benefit Californians? Learn more below:

Stronger Education

In its current state, California ranks last in the country in high school graduation rates and near the bottom in high-priority subjects like math. The California Department of Education simply cannot manage 6.2 million students, nearly 300,000 teachers, and more than 1,000 school districts. Cal 3 will bring critical decision-making closer to home, giving states a fresh start and families better choices, with greater accountability and outcomes for everyone.

Safer Roads & Infrastructure

California’s highways, bridges, freeways, and city roads are ranked among the poorest in the nation. For example, Californians pay $844 a year in wear-and-tear on their vehicles due to shoddy roadways. Cal 3 gives regional governments greater control over critical infrastructure spending that will enhance the safety and security of their citizens.

Lower Taxes

Californians pay the highest taxes in the nation, and yet our tax dollars are mismanaged in every way. Cal 3 would encourage each state set lower tax rates to encourage families and employers to make their home there.

Accountable Tax Oversight, Manageable Budget & Spending

Despite sky-high taxes and hundreds of billions earmarked in spending through Sacramento, Californians see little regional return on our investment. Cal 3 would promote greater citizen oversight of and control over how taxes are being spent, with the result being a more responsive government and elected officials spending in closer alignment with their constituents’ more pressing and important needs.

Local Identity, Autonomy & Diversity

Rather than being managed remotely — and ineffectively — from Sacramento, each state will have the autonomy to make choices based on the most pressing needs and opportunities closest to home. Cal 3 uses the region’s natural geographic boundaries to emphasize local identity, while retaining existing county lines in order to preserve Californians’ natural pride in our diverse population.

Efficient Government & Area-Specific Regulations

California’s diverse regions require government attention that is specifically tailored to address that area’s needs. The economic climate in areas like San Bernardino and Fresno is very different from the economic climate in areas like Los Angeles or San Francisco. Dividing California into smaller states will help elected officials decide which laws and tax regulations best suit that specific region, resulting in more responsive government.

For even more benefits, see Cal 3’s Frequently Asked Questions.

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